Pinkie is a hard-working lady.  She can haul loads of gravel, trailers full of apples and lets not even get started on scoopin' poop...all in one day.  There's nothing Pinkie can't handle.
      Little Pink Tractor
                    Pink Brings Us Together
Paige and Pinkie are hauling gravel and working on the driveway.Pinkie loves apple trees!Getting a few more apples to fill up the trailer.
Paige, Pinkie and Didi at the Peru site of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.Pinkie got all dressed up and decked out to join the Peru Circus Parade.
Helping out for a good cause is also on the top of Pinkie's priority list.  She's been in the Peru Circus Parade, "just a swinging," and singing; "He thinks my tractor's sexy" and "My little pink tractor." 
Shortly thereafter she rolled through the mud to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and even got to meet Didiayer Snyder. 
A young fan tries out Pinkie...she may need a few years to grow before she can reach the pedals.Hey, even the young men like pink.Paige and Lyle hang out with Pinkie at the Kioti booth at the Louisville Tractor Show.Paige's husband has no fear of pink.
There's plenty of stage time too for Pinkie; she's been to several tractor shows and was the star of the Kioti booth at the big show in Louisville, KY.  She likes to participate in shows closer to home too and is just a big of a star sitting in the Orchard parking lot.
Jerry, Paige, Alison and Jason hanging out with Pinkie at the Orchard.
There's nothing better for Pinkie than to hang out at the Orchard with the family.